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Listen up!

Get ready to break it up, cats. We've been busting our conks trying to get this joint up and running and it's just about on the verge. We're painting the set and we'll roll it as soon as possible. In the meantime, tune your instruments, practice your monologues and get your beautiful dry-goods dry cleaned and pressed. There is a dress code.

Remember, there ain't no prohibition here, buddy ghee.

We need musicians, actors, writers, bon vivants, ne'er do wells, business owners, theatre cats and all of that there. Someone's gotta own a sweet shop around here. Me? I'm a bass player and upstart business man, but I'll introduce myself later.

It's somewhere between 1925 and 1935, according to popular consensus. At least we can agree on something around here, so there's a bang up start and I guess we'll never be that late for dinner. If you need help with anything like pictures of your beautiful mugs for the front window, hit me up, leave me a note and we'll get it up and running murderistic. Anybody needs help gettin their boots on should apply within.

Me and the boys'll be over here friskin' the whiskers.
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