Cael Edgar (cael_edgar) wrote in artifaces,
Cael Edgar


::We live in a city that doesn't exist in a time that straddles ten plus years of grandeur and style. The idea of a city in Europe called Vaudeville has been suggested and I have to admit, I love it. Love it because it's artifice with false eyelashes and opera gloves. Unless I'm beaten back down about it by you, the voting publick, that's what it'll be. Though perhaps spelt differently.

Two shiny new beauties flanking Mr. Edgar, the eccentric cabaret bassist. I had permission to pinch these icons in exchange for three of my own offerings. I feel I emerged victorious.

Comment with your character journal names, even if nothing's set up, so I can add you glories to the artifaces community. I'm almost done with the website. It's quite nearly ready for its close up, Messers DeMille and DeVine.

Any more suggestions? Any more input?::
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